What to do

Welcome to the Power Community Virtual Event Hub! We are so pleased to have you here. This is where we talk about what to do with all the awesome functionality on this site. Its actually fairly simple. There are 2 primary things to do here : 

Become a Member

The membership on this site is really there for you to create new forum posts and interact at a very basic level with other members. If you are happy to share your information with us then go right ahead and create a membership. You do not need to be a member to use most of the sites functionality, including view forum posts.

Interact with the Calendar & Events

The core functionality of this site is the Event Calendar. This is located on the Home page. The event calendar allows virtual event admins to add events to the calendar, which are then categorised correctly and displayed accordingly. You can then toggle the calendar view to decide how you would like to view calendar information. This also gives you the opportunity to register for events through the links provided in the event booking.

If you'd like, you can also subscribe to our event calendar. This will give you the ability to sync our events with your personal calendar. It's easier to do this sometimes because then you don't even need to continuously visit the website to see whats going one. We would miss you terribly though.