Hack4Good Resources

We know that there is a lot if information that you need for Hack4Good, so we decided to consolidate as much as we could in this section right here. Please take a look and see if there is anything here that will help you:



Team leads are essential to the hack being successful It is the responsibility of the team lead to make sure that their team build a solution that is AWESOME and that the video that gets uploaded is equally as AWESOME! Most of the team related information can be found in the briefing pack below.


Do you need some help creating a teams meeting and inviting your team mates? No problem. Hit the button below and watch this useful video.

Do you need some help taking out a trial environment for your hack? Hit the button below to find out exactly how to do this. Follow the simple video and get hacking.

Do you need top add more users to your trial tenant? AND do you need to create more environments? Hit the button below to find out how to do this.

After the Hackathon we will need you to upload your zipped solution file & components to the Power Platform bank on the TDG site. Follow this simple video for instructions on how to do this.

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