Badger Sessions


WHAT? Have the events Hub people finally lost it? "BADGER SESSIONS"? WTF is a Badger session? do we run around irritating people (Badgering people - see what I did there)? Do we get to stroke a badger? Do we get to read poetry to a badger?

NO... I mean, we could facilitate such engagements if you would like, but I must warn you: BADGERS ARE FIESTY AND HILARIOUS (much like The Bespoke Badger community)

A "Badger Session" is a session we will be hosting before The Bespoke Badger Pub every Thursday evening where we will give people the opportunity to present what ever they would like to The Bespoke Badger community (And whoever else rocks up). 

We don't care if you want to do something technical, show off your knitting, fight an invisible polar bear or even just practice for an event... COME ALONG! Show us what you got! It's kinda like a registered open mic session.

Sessions are 45 min in length with a hard stop after the 45 min because people will want to drink all the things. 


Badger Session